At i2i Group, we understand design is an intrinsic part of advancing our clients’ objectives. We build brands that standout in their compelling imagery, typography and color. We launch cohesive, integrated design campaigns that combine the complete package of print design, interactive design, identity design, and illustration.

Note: Click the images to view images at a larger scale, along with their descriptions. For more examples from select clients, view our Case Studies.


The broad range of print design services at i2i includes all forms of hard copy advertising, including magazines, newspapers, business collateral, brochures, fliers, postcards, signs, and more.

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Our digital media services include web design, development, and maintenance of nearly every type of interactive campaign: CMS websites such as WordPress and Joomla, email marketing, social media, and more.

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Brand image, naming, and creative marketing services are special at i2i. We have a 14-year track record of successful logos and graphics to supplement a brand’s marketing strategy with dynamic execution.

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We can help your company achieve its goals with any type of custom imagery, whether technical or conceptual, digital or hand-drawn. Take a look at a few of our illustrated diagrams, icon libraries, logos, and posters.

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